Saturday, 20 April 2013

Audience feedback


We screened our music video to our media class; we did this to obtain professional feedback. By doing this we then allowed us to make amendments to make our music video look to a professional standard.
The changes that the audience recommend were:
·         Lip syncing doesn’t always match up
·         Pace
·         The structure doesn't entirely make sense.
·         Should be parody per room.
As a group we all discussed possible ways that we could resolve some of the amendments that could be made to the video. The changes that we make will then make out video look better and also more interesting for the audience. For the lip synching mistakes I will go through the whole of the video and alter the times that certain sections of the video start. By doing this it then will mean that when characters do sing it will directly match the lyrics and the miming, With the recommendation of improving the pace we all discussed possible ways which we could do this, we came to a conclusion that by making it a parody per room the pace would be consistent. In addition to this by making it a parody per room it means that the audience can gain an understanding the narrative of the video.